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Visu Filter

Visu Filter

Our line of Precision In-Line Fuel Filters feature clear material housing to identify when new filter is necessary (opaque housing also available)


Q-Turn Valve

Q-Turn Valve

Our Precision Quarter Turn Fuel Valves feature a red nylon spindle for easy identification and a black heat-stabilized nylon body. These valves have a flow rate of 5.5 gallons per hour.


EZ Drain

 EZ Drain

Our precision tool-free oil valves feature an easy twist and pull to open twist and pull to close operation. This oil valve has an impressive temperature range of-40ºF to 325ºF.




We specialize in assembling carbon filled fuel caps designed to comply with the latest EPA regulations on small engines in the outdoor power equipment industry.

Welcome to ITW Fastex Filtration (Components, Valves & Assemblies)


ITW Fastex-CVA (Components, Valves and Assemblies) develops and produces components, valves and assemblies for the outdoor power equipment industry, focusing on fuel-related components. In addition, we also produce valves for the packaging industry.

Purchaser is solely responsible for determining if the fuel filter is suitable for Purchaser. Fastex Filtration shall not be responsible for misuse, abuse or failure to properly install. Fastex Filtration may change specifications, equipment and designs at any time without notice.

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ITW Fastex Filtration is continuously developing new product lines to meet the needs of the public. Check back frequently to see what's new.

Custom Products

ITW Fastex Filtration  has developed many custom products for a large number of clients. Challenge us with your custom problem.

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